LX Series – Lever Operated Openings

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The LX Series exemplifies Syntégra’s "deeper integration" attitudes and goals. The central lock case accepts handles and keyed cylinders from either and/or both sides. The lock case is configurable with the same popular functions offered in conventional locksets, but we can also do much more. The lever handles are protected by a break-away clutch allowing these systems to be used in the most abusive and demanding applications. Syntégra door systems do not use bulky escutcheons, roses, or edge plates to hide door preparations and mechanisms. Only the vital elements that are needed for operation are exposed, and everything else is concealed and protected.

Imagine being able to operate and secure each leaf of a pair of doors independently without the need for coordinators, astragals, and automatic flushbolts. Pairs and single doors also benefit in concealing the side latch and strike from view and tampering by latching at the top of the door. With electrical functions such as electrified lever (ELS) and electrified latch retraction (ML), the LX Series will interface with virtually any access control and door automation system.

Typical Installations

Single and pairs found in the following applications:

  • Areas of Refuge – Stairwell, Elevator Lobby, Elevator Cab
  • Office single and pairs
  • Main entrances
  • Surgical suites


LX Series Functions
Tested Durability
  • Solid cast or forged lever handles
  • Break-away clutch to prevent damage from abuse
  • Exceeds ANSI/BHMA standards

Uncompromised Safety

  • ITS listed for fire (UL10C) for
    single-point top latching or top
    and bottom latching
  • Top latching instead of side edge latchbolt and strike for singles and pairs prevents catching on clothing or equipment
  • Optional Antimicrobial coatings available for healthcare, education and other germ sensitive environments

Unequaled Aesthetics

  • Escutcheon-free levers available in the most popular styles and finishes
  • Optional integrated top strike prep without the need for a surface mounted auxiliary plate
  • Projection type latchbolt minimizes the top strike view and minimizes the top door "notch" required
    by others
  • No floor strikes required - Fire ratings without the need for bottom latchbolts
Enhanced Security

  • Patent-pending friction-limiting latchbolt with 7/8" throw
  • Available in top latching or top and bottom latching
  • Break-away clutch protects from forced entry
  • Protected Latches and operating mechanisms - Concealed within the steel door and sheltered from attack, abuse, and tampering


  • Extensive list of functions to work with most openings and applications
  • Access control ready with electrified lever, latch retraction, and RX options
  • Electrical options available in kit-form allowing for future upgrades

LX Series Functions:

product options

All functions are factory configured. In most cases, these functions can be changed as required in the field. Consult factory for instructions.

* Equivalent ANSI/BHMA A156.10 functions used for reference

LX Series Hardware Specifications

Device Functions

Configured from the factory during the assembly of the door systems. See Function Chart for capabilities.

Fire Ratings

Listed for positive pressure fire tests (UL10C) with single-point top latching or top and bottom latching.

Lever Centerline

38-1/2" (978 mm) from finished structural floor (not including floor covering).

Lever Materials

Stainless Steel. Finished to match customer specifications

Lever Projections

01 – Square = 2-5/32"
02 – Tubular = 2-9/16"
03 – Curved = 2-3/8"


Optional integrated top strike included with Syntégra KD and welded frames. Surface applied retrofit strike available (P/N TSK-1 Kit)
Bottom strike ½" diameter hole threshold or surface strike (P/N BSK-1 Kit)

Electrical Options

RX – Request to Exit. Provides a switch closure when the lever is actuated. RX2 – Same as above with two independent SPST switches.

ML - Motorized latch retraction quietly and efficiently retracts the latch(es) and pushbar when energized. Configured for fail-secure to comply to fire ratings.

ELS - Electrified lever. Allows exterior lever to rotate (or become rigid in fail-safe mode) to retract latch(es) when energized. Fail-Secure or Fail-Safe.


Top latching only standard with – 7/8" (22.2 mm) throw. Projection type Friction limiting-design with deadlatching feature. Bottom – Massive Stainless Steel 7/8" throw bolt with conical tip

Optional Keyed Cylinder graphStandard diameter Mortise Cylinder with "standard" cam. Can accept 1" cylinder length or greater. A 1" cylinder length does not require a collar. Anything above this cylinder length will require a spacer collar equal to the dimension in excess of 1". (Example 1-1/8" cylinder length requires a 1/8" collar).
Requires a 1/4" collar for a 1" cylinder length. For longer cylinders, add the dimension in excess of the 1" cylinder length to the collar thickness. (Example 1-1/4" cylinder length requires a 1/2" collar).