Syntégra Experience Trial Door Application

We invite you to take a door for a test drive, before you spend a dime. That’s right, we’re willing to let you experience all of the benefits and innovations of our integrated door systems for up to 120 days – no money down, no purchase necessary, no strings attached. What could be simpler than that? Just call or email for particulars of the program and make arrangements for delivery.

Syntégra will provide and deliver one fully integrated door assembly to the building owner’s specification on the requested date, (subject to normal lead times) at no charge to the facility or distributor.

We’ll also provide assistance with the evaluation of the installation and performance of the doors within 30-days of the installation at no additional charge. This is just another facet of our comprehensive customer support.

Of course we will need you to be responsible for the installation and normal maintenance of the door assembly during the trial period, and you will also be responsible for the removal of the door assembly, should it be necessary. Finally, the door assembly must be installed within 30-days of delivery, unless other prior arrangements have been made.

To order your free trial door assembly

To order your free trial door assembly, please fill out the form below:

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** You can also fax the application to us by downloading the application here
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