Applications LEED

Doors to be delivered installed no later than 30 days after delivery unless by prior agreement. 

Syntégra will provide material and technical assistance only.  They are not responsible for the cost of installation or, if necessary, removal unless by prior arrangement. 
Responsibility of parties:

  • Will provide material in the form of the Syntégra Integrated Door Assemblies to be installed at no charge to the facility or distributor
  • Technical assistance in the form of specification and application advice and evaluation of the installation
  • Delivery of the doors to the building owner’s specification on the date required subject to normal lead time

    The Syntégra Distributor (if used):
  • Identification of the facility and opening for the trial door(s)
  • Assistance with the evaluation of the installation and performance of the doors, within 30 days of installation
  • Assistance in obtaining the order for additional openings should the doors perform to the facility’s satisfaction

    The installing facility:
  • To identify opening for installation of Syntégra Integrated Door Assemblies
  • Will be responsible for the installation and normal maintenance of doors during test period
  • Will be responsible for the removal of the doors should it be necessary, unless by prior agreement with Syntégra
  • Agrees to install doors within 30 days of delivery unless by prior arrangement

    Syntégra representative:
  • Will be available during the installation and promptly report results to Syntégra
  • Will make regular visits to the facility during the evaluation period with reports on the performance to Syntégra

Evaluation period to last no longer than 120 days from date of installation unless by prior arrangement.