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The name says it all. Syntégra unites the attributes of “Synthesize,” “Integrity,” and “Integrate” to establish a distinctive standard of excellence for the commercial door industry. 

An expert team with decades of combined experience with integrated doors founded Syntégra to promote intelligence, innovation, strong support systems, and an unwavering commitment to customer service. This emphasis on excellence produces the compelling advantage known as The Syntégra Edge™.

Both a technological advancement and a business philosophy, The Syntégra Edge enables us to deliver a fully integrated door system whereas all the hardware is pre-assembled into a unit that’s fully functional, field adjustable, and ready to hang. And behind each door, equally exceptional field service and support ensure the full benefits of Syntégra in every installation.

create. innovate. integrate.

Integrated Door Systems

The Fusion of Performance and Aesthetics

XT Series

Flush Exit Device Operator

PX Series

Flush Pushpad Operator

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LX Series

Lever x Lever Operator

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FX Series

Auto-Latching Flushbolt Panel

Minimize the Clutter - Maximize the Beauty


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