FX Series Auto-latching Flushbolt Panel

The FX Series embodies Syntegra’s uncluttered appearance with advanced functionality approach to door and hardware design.

Mounted in the top of the inactive leaf of a pair of doors, the FX Series Auto-Latching Flush Bolt Door System secures the inactive leaf by discreetly projecting a locking bolt into the frame header when the doors close. Unlike conventional flush bolts that require a coordination device to ensure that door pairs close in a specific order, the patent pending FX Series provides positive latching regardless of the closing sequence of each door. The action of opening the active leaf causes the flush bolt to retract making both doors available for ingress or egress.

Typical Applications

Use in standard and unequal pairs in the following applications when paired with PX, LX, and XT door systems in the active door:

Building Types / Applications

  • Office – Elevator Cab/Hoistway Protection
  • Hospitality – Elevator Lobby, Elevator Cab/Hoistway Protection
  • Mixed Use – Cross Corridor, Elevator Cab/Hoistway Protection
  • Commercial/Industrial – Unequal Pairs, Elevator Cab/Hoistway Protection

FX Series Benefits


  • Used in the inactive leaf of a pair of doors
  • Used in conjunction with XT, PX, and LX door systems
  • 3/4″ Throw – stainless steel latch bolt
  • Latch bolt projects upon trigger contact with the active door leaf
  • Self-latching regardless of the door closing sequence – No coordinator required!
  • Automatic unlatching when active door is opened
  • Curved lip T-Strike supplied
  • 630 satin stainless faceplate – Field Paintable
  • 3-hour fire rating for positive pressure (UL10C) single-point top latching with auxiliary fire pin. Maximum leaf size 4′ x 8′
  • ANSI/BHMA Type 25 – Automatic Flushbolt

Unequaled Aesthetics

  • No operating hardware on the door faces
  • Eliminates visible door coordination devices mandatory with traditional automatic flushbolts
  • Top latching only with no requirement to latch into the floor to meet the fire ratings
  • Field paintable faceplate to blend with the door surfaces