Improving Environments

Create. Innovate. Integrate.

Our unique, patent pending, integrated design – The Syntégra Edge™– is transforming the way doors and hardware work together in order to create more aesthetic, secure and robust openings. For decades, architects, designers and specifiers have had very little choice when it came to selecting an integrated door system. That was then. Syntégra is now.

The Syntégra Edge Offers:

  • Door and hardware finish options to coordinate with a variety of architectural styles
  • Heavy-duty low profile exit devices that reduces impacts and wear
  • A variety of advanced electrical options to interface with access control and door automation
  • Fire ratings for up to 8′-6″ x 10′-0″ openings
  • The maximum clear opening width by recessing the operating hardware inside the door
  • Patent-pending adjustability of the leading edge to meet strict gap requirements
  • Systems suitable for new construction and retrofit applications
  • Meets strict OSHPD clear opening width requirements