Syntégra door systems are designed to be as functional as they are beautiful. But don’t let the good looks fool you; under the surface lies a workhorse ready for action. Some of the most demanding openings are those interfaced with electronic access control or door automation systems. These are the environments where Syntégra thrives.

With a full range of electrical operation and monitoring options, Syntégra offers industry-leading features that others simply cannot match.

ML – Motorized Latch Retraction


The ML option from Syntégra incorporates the latest advancements in power and control to create a latch retraction platform that is fast, powerful, efficient, and ultra-quiet. Mounted within the XT Series Exit Device pushbar, the ML option enables remote keyless unlatching whether controlled by a simple switch or to the most sophisticated access control systems. The ML option is a perfect choice for automated openings as well in either continuously-held or active latching modes of operation.

The ML option is also available for the LX Series (Lever operated) devices. This unique option retracts the latch(es) directly instead of only enabling the lever for the user. In automated openings, an ML enabled device eliminates the need for cumbersome and noisy electric strikes. When in continuous-hold mode, the devices are silent and switch to a low-power state.

Using advanced calibration circuitry, the ML device adjusts the run cycle for each unit precisely to ensure full retraction. In addition, the ML controller offers installers valuable diagnostic tools for troubleshooting and system verification.


  • Retracts XT pushbar and latches when energized
  • Fail-Secure – For fire-rated and non-rated openings
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Full retraction in 400ms
  • Rated for Intermittent and continuous duty
  • Ultra-low current requirements
  • Auto re-try if mechanism or pushbar is blocked


  • Request to exit switch (RX)
  • Latchbolt Monitoring Switch (LM)
  • Power Supplies
    • PS210 for one opening – up to two doors operated simultaneously
    • PS202 Two inputs and Two outputs for operating discrete functions such as an ML and ELS combination
    • Use PS202B when battery backup is desired

ELS – Electrified Lever


When energized with a 24 VDC or 12 VDC signal, the ELS option can be arranged to enable (fail-secure) or disable (fail-safe) the lever function on the secure side of the door. Rated for intermittent and continuous duty, the internally mounted solenoid is well suited for high-cycle environments as well as timed applications. Since the ELS only enables or disables the lever operation, the positive latching requirement for fire doors is always maintained.


  • Compatible with XT, LX, and PX Series fitted with exterior levers
  • Available in Fail-Safe or Fail-Secure
  • Allows for unimpeded egress
  • Low current draw
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Ultimate in tamper resistance – protected within the door
  • Rated for intermittent and continuous duty
  • Pre-installed and system tested in controlled factory setting


  • Request to exit switch (RX)
  • Latch Monitoring Switch (LM)
  • Power Supplies
    • PS210 for one opening – up to two-doors operated simultaneously
    • PS202 Two Inputs and Two outputs for operating discrete functions such as an ML and ELS combination
    • PS202B if battery backup is needed

RX – Request to Exit

From monitoring traffic flow, or to interface with access control or alarm systems, the RX switch actuates when the bar is pushed.


  • Available on XT Series
  • Actuates when pushbar is depressed
  • Single to Dual Switch options
  • Form C contacts – NO and NC
  • Contacts rated at 250 VAC @ 5 amps (resistive)

LM – Latch Position Monitoring

The LM option provides true position sensing of the top (and bottom if equipped) latch using an internally mounted switch (or switches) located in the multi-function lock case. The LM option provides a tamper-resistant arrangement that goes beyond relying on the pushbar movement sensing to determine the latch position.


  • Available on XT, LX, and PX Series
  • Switch actuates with latch movement
  • Form C contacts – NO and NC
  • Contacts rated at 250 VAC @ 5 amps (resistive)