Selecting the proper door construction ensures that the opening will achieve to the owner’s performance and cost expectations. At Syntégra, our goal is to manufacture and equip the door with the features and options to meet or exceed these expectations without overshooting or undershooting the target.

Syntégra doors can be constructed of 18ga. or /16ga. skins with a variety of cores. Our standard material is leveled A40 Galvanneal Steel. Beyond exceptional corrosion resistance, this material provides additional strength, scratch resistance, and improved coating adhesion. As an option for corrosive environments or aesthetic preference, Syntégra can also fabricate doors using Stainless Steel (304 or 316).

Meets the NAAMM HMMA (Hollow Metal Manufacturing Association) 810 standard requirements.

In keeping with our environmental goals, Syntégra Hollow Metal Doors are made with 100% recycled steel

Available cores include:

  • Kraft Honeycomb for general use
  • Steel Stiffened to provide enhanced strength in high traffic applications
  • Temperature Rise to limit the transfer of heat through the door in a fire (e.g., stairwells)
  • Polystyrene for non-rated installations requiring an insulation/R factor

Opening Configurations

Doors can be configured in single, same swing pairs, double egress pairs and unequal pairs. They can also be fitted with integral lite kits that are frameless on the secure side of the door to provide better security and improved aesthetics. (see below)

Finishing Options

  • Primecoat: Steel products are available factory prime coated with an extremely durable proprietary EPA approved gray primer (ready for finish painting)
  • Powder Coating: Powder coating raises the ‘finish’ bar with outstanding strength, elasticity, and corrosion resistance that wet paint just cannot match. In addition, the no-waste and no-VOC application process is the most environmentally conscious way to finish a door. The vast array of color options from Syntégra are designed to inspire architects and owners by providing them the freedom to coordinate powder coated surfaces with the look and feel of a wide variety of building materials. Applying these coatings in a factory-controlled setting ensures the highest quality finish without the disruptions and odors caused by field painting.
  • Surfacequest Architectural Fusions: The next generation in surface options. Available in over 1500 stunning patterns including wood, stone, metallic and leather, these surfaces will transform your openings to meet your imagination. Visit for more information.


Vision lite shapes and sizes can vary depending on hardware configurations, door construction, and fire ratings. Contact factory for further details.

Vision Lites

Slim VL Kit – Standard

  • Beveled Glass Stops
  • Suitable for 3/16″ – 1″ Glass
  • Color Options: Dark Bronze, Beige, Sand, Black, Silver, and White
Integral Lite – Optional

  • 5/8″ Glass Stop Height
  • Variable Glass Stop Width
  • Suitable for 1/4″ to 1″ Glass